Fire and Water Damage Videos



Fire and Water Damage

Fire and Water Damage Videos Show You What to Do in the Event You are a Victim of these Disasters
The time it takes to react, is what helps to determine what degree your water damage disaster will ultimately be, more can be restored and you can recover more damaged personal items if you act quickly. Damaged documents, files, and pictures should be frozen immediately. Recovering your precious belongings is our business and we are here to help you when the need arises.




Fire and Water Damage is a tremendous disaster to have to endure, but all is not lost if you act
 immediately and take the right tools and the right process in restoring your personal belongings.


Document Restoration of your documents, files, and pictures or charts and maps, can be
easily restored to a point of reusable condition if they are handled properly immediately after
the disaster. Always freeze your documents and photos immediately after the disaster to stop
the deteriorating process and to prevent molding.




What to Say and NOT to Say to Your Insurance Company . . . WATCH


Knowing What to and What Not to Say to Your Insurance Company . . .
It really can make a huge difference in what information you give the insurance companies
in getting the most from them.





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